We are a Colombian company that was born in Valle del Cauca, establishing our plant in the city of Cali in the year 1,993.

Changing in 2015 as part of a business group with high experience in the PVC market, enhancing its installed production capacity, process optimization and cutting edge technological investment. Throughout these years we have been characterized by being in constant pursuit of excellence, working to always offer the best products on the market.

We are characterized by the production and marketing of PVC/CPVC Tubosistemas and PVC architectural covers, which respond to the demand for essential goods for the construction, supply and sanitation of water.

At TUBOSA we are committed to sustainable management, as we strive to reduce our environmental footprint, conserve resources and recycle materials. Also, socially and economically, we contribute to the water sanitation to improve the health of the consumers, generating a profitable growth of our clients.

We guarantee a product of superior quality, thanks to the daily effort of our staff, having as main objective to fulfill the satisfaction of our clients. We are a team dedicated to helping you.

Our established administration, sales and production staff guarantee the TUBOSA customer a superior quality product in a timely manner. The TUBOSA team is dedicated to helping you.

In TUBOSA we maintain the highest standards of quality, basing our management on continuous improvement and the rigorousness with which we manage our processes, guaranteeing the quality of the product, the protection to the environment and the wellbeing of our Collaborators, complying with the national and international technical standards.

  • Promote conditions from our organizational culture to strengthen the integral and professional development of our collaborators.
  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Implement tools for continuous improvement that allow us to reduce costs to optimize our internal processes.